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Our Story

Omnia Translation and Intellectual Services was formed in 2014 with a clear goal of providing high-quality translation and proofreading services. Tihana Zambon Dagostin, the founder and, at the time, the sole employee of the company, had a long and diverse experience in the translation, localization and editing industry. Her professional experience in the field of proofreading and editing includes manufacturing, hospitality/tourism, internet/e-commerce, legislation, marketing & communications, packaging & distribution, software, telecommunication, medical and pharmaceutical products and devices, user manuals etc. From 2015, she will have been appointed a sworn court interpreter for the English language.


Process oriented

Our translation is highly professional, process-oriented & customized according to clients’ needs.


We are always looking for new associates who can help us improve and broaden our language services. You have experience translating, corresponding linguistic background and education, responsible and ambitious, and are eager to learn – JOIN US. Send us your CV (Europass format) and a short application letter – you will receive our reply shortly.


All our partners witness our high level of professionalism, promptness, quality assurance of each project and, what is particularly important, cost-efficient services.
Tihana Zambon Dagostin

Tihana Zambon Dagostin


Tihana Zambon Dagostin is an English and Croatian Language professor, translator, proofreader and editor, and a localization expert working in the translation industry for more than 8 years. During her long cooperation with translation agencies, enterprises, business and private parties, she has gained expertise in a broad spectre of translation areas: technical texts, user manuals, production and packaging; legal and legislative texts (EU legislation; contracts, agreements, business cooperation, surveys etc.); trademarks and intellectual ownership; pharmaceutical and medicinal products and devices.
Tina Osmić

Tina Osmić


Tina Černjul, master of education of English and German and literature, started working in February 2015 as a translator for English and German. During several years of cooperation with translation agencies and private clients, she gained experience in various translation fields: tourism, hospitality, gastronomy, education, economy, user manuals, intellectual property etc. She gained her knowledge and expertise in tourism, economy, hospitality, gastronomy and education also by working in those sectors for several years.